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"You don’t realize how alone you are until you’re staying up every night thinking about things you should never think of and you cant tell anybody because you have nobody to tell."
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Disney princesses as domestic abuse victims are tough to look at, but important

In an effort to raise awareness of exactly how bad this real-world reality can become, controversial artist Saint Hoax has once again used Disney princesses as in a series of graphic PSAs targeting victims of domestic abuse.

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They’ll manipulate you and make you fall so deeply in love with them so you’ll forgive them for anything. The nights he didn’t come back until god knows what time in the morning, with no text or call. It breaks your heart thinking he could be with some other girl, but when he comes back and you get more bruises because you said something wrong, or refused to do something, it kills you inside. You’re so ready to leave him and you’re close but he’ll make up some excuse. He’ll make it sound like it was your fault and you’ll forgive him. It’ll start all over again. The times where you’re in public and you’re so terrified of doing something wrong because you know what will happen when you get home. When you flinch at the tiniest movement, whether it be him or somebody else. The feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder. Constantly apologising for your actions and being so terrified you feel sick.

The worst thing is looking in the mirror and seeing the bruises he’s made. Not recognising yourself. Trying to cover it all up with makeup. Your friends faces when they see the marks he’s left, it breaks your heart yet you still try to cover up for him. Because you (think you) love him. 

It’s so hard leaving him despite all he’s done to you, because he’s manipulated you in a way that makes you think you cant leave him. You’re nothing without him, you’re nobody. You need him. 

I thought I needed you. 



oh man this gives me the creeps

this fucked me up
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Public apology and admitting i’m an idiot. 
Recently things haven’t been going too well, i’ve got myself in some stupid situations that I had no idea how to get out of. I got to the point where I didn’t even care. The only thing that has stuck in my life consistently through everything has been ashes. They’ve always tried to help, no matter how stupid i’ve been or what i’ve done. 
Recently, I haven’t been myself at all. I’ve been self destructive, doing stupid things and genuinely just making everybody around me angry. I pushed everybody away and didn’t let anybody get close to me because it scared me. I’m one of the most confusing people to understand and it’s hard. And I guess the point in this is just saying sorry. I’m sorry to everybody for being a fucking idiot. For standing for what I did for so long even though you all told me to get out. Sorry for making you angry, making you sad, making you worry and everything in between. I wish I could change it all and go back to the beginning. 
To ashes; I love you more than anything. Thank you so much to Crilly for basically being the one responsible for getting me out. I don’t know where we’d be now if you didn’t. I’m sorry if I messed everything up (you know i’m good at that).
Right now, i’m feeling super positive about life. I’m my own person again, ashes are touring with Will Control and things seem good. It will take a while to get my head around what happened, but it’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself, to stop living in the shadow of somebody else and start living my own life again! 
I love you all. Thankyou. <3
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